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     Our Blog Page is to keep our customers informed and intrigued with the different things that's going on in the Bridal industry. We will have information about the products our store offers, as well as information on wedding planning. For example, the picture shown above is our own (Jackie) and her husband’s (Abin) Engagement Photo. Many Brides don't know where to start when it comes to Engagement Photos. Some don't know if they want to "Dress Up" or "Dress Down". I decided to do both, however, I'll save the dress down photo for another blog. I also love accessories. I feel that nothing says "BRIDE"or "THE MRS" like a beautiful Tiara. Check out our "Engagement" and "Accessories" Collection to get ideas about your Engagement.

     This blog section will be a fun area to learn, explore, and for us to engage with our customers. We would love to feature my customers in our website,  that has purchased products from us. This will give us a chance to show our audience "How you wore it". Feel free to email us your pictures and your story, at ddbridalshop@gmail.com or you can contact us through our social media page on Instagram of Facebook: DD_Bridal

We also have a comment section below for our blog page. 


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  • I love everything about DD’S BRIDAL! I love how you started your company and I love the fact that you have a variety of products. I have been searching for so many different things and I can find many right here on your shop. I will definitely be purchasing more from you. Keep doing your thing queen!

    Karen Buskshire

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